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CCTV Systems and Installation

Pine Marten Security is owned by a Professional Photographer. Therefore we’re supplying CCTV equipment with an understanding of lenses, picture quality and system interfaces. We provide CCTV for DIY use but also offer a full design and installation service! Supplying security cameras and CCTV systems across Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Shropshire.


Security Camera Systems

CCTV systems and installations for Agriculture, Farms and Rural Properties. Helping protect your property. Our services are available across Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.

The CCTV camera systems we supply are from a UK distributor. Therefore, allowing us access to a wide range of CCTV cameras, equipment and backed by the distributors warranty. Because some environments require a different solution, we put together CCTV camera kits.

From a simple 2 camera CCTV system to keep your outbuilding and driveway covered. To a 32 camera system designed and installed for your 1,500 acre rural enterprise. CCTV systems and installation can bring additional benefits to your farm or property; such as live viewing of lambing or calving sheds. Our design and install service enables you to start securing your property. Similarly, whether you are a rural property or business, small holding or large farming enterprise – above all, we can offer a solution for your bespoke needs.

Selection of CCTV for DIY installs, with the added benefit of additional services to help you get up and running.

CCTV IP System Recorders…


With support for 4K quality IP cameras. Moreover, use a FREE app for remote viewing on smartphones / tablets (subject to internet speeds).

Some systems may have the option of line crossing/object detection/area intrusion and area exception (not available on all systems).

CCTV IP Camera Resolution Explained…

2/3MP CCTV Cameras

These are what we call “entry level” CCTV cameras. Therefore, the image quality is reasonable. Comes with infrared night vision as standard.

4/5/6MP CCTV Cameras

Mid-range CCTV security cameras and therefore produce higher quality images. Infrared night vision as standard.

4K/8MP CCTV Cameras

Most expensive option, therefore high resolution images and uses more storage (because more pixels = larger files). Infrared night vision as standard.

CCTV IP Camera Types Explained…

Turret CCTV Cameras

Turret CCTV cameras are similar to domes but aren’t encased meaning they are less vandal resistant but are generally better for night vision compared to domes.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Popular choice and some are vandal resistant. The advantage with using Dome Cameras (if the dome is tinted) is no one knows which way the camera is actually pointing!

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras are a long cylinder shape. An ideal all rounder choice. Zoom lenses are our personal preferred choice.

PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ CCTV cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) are ideal for covering large areas. Most expensive option generally but with flexibility of moving the camera via the system.

Wireless Video Doorbells

We are able to supply QVIS wireless video doorbells. Easy setup, night vision enabled and two way audio. Installation also available or you can install yourself. Get in touch for a price.

*** Images are for illustrative purposes only. Product descriptions / designs / shapes may vary. ***

Our CCTV Supply & Install Services…



We can also supply CCTV equipment for YOU to install, configure and connect the CCTV system yourself.

Choice of CCTV systems for DIY installs. We’re able to supply two different types of recorder for DIY CCTV installs, therefore giving you more choice for your budget. 
We’re able to help advise on systems for DIY installs via email or phone from information you tell us.



Complete solution for those who don’t want to do it themselves. We will install and supply the whole system.
We’ll discuss CCTV equipment options, intended purpose and complete a survey so that we can put together a bespoke, FREE proposal. 

Training and set up of remote viewing on your phone/tablets (subject to internet connection).

FAQ’s – CCTV Systems & Installations

Do you offer an installation service?

We offer a full CCTV systems and installation service, complete with designing the system. Or if you want to have a go yourself, you can buy the CCTV kits from us to install yourself. We do recommend a full installation by us. Got questions, get in touch to enquire.

Where should I place CCTV cameras?

One of the common areas of security concern are entry and exit points (such as doors, garages and gateways). However, the height of your CCTV camera install will depend on many factors. Some people like to install cameras 2.4 to 2.6m as well as 5m high. Obviously, too high up and you’ll only pick up the heads of people, too low down and it becomes a potential target for damage. Therefore, always think about this when planning where to put your CCTV. To summarise, it might be worth having both a low view and a high view.

If you want a complete design and install solution, ask us about our CCTV systems and installation service.

Do light sources affect CCTV cameras?

Yes, the infrared sensors will not allow the cameras to work if a light source is near the camera. Back lighting (behind the camera) is the most appropriate. Lighting which is at the side of a camera will cause the infrared lights to not switch on and you’ll end up with a black screen! Be aware of the lighting on alarm boxes if they are going to be near a CCTV camera as this will stop the sensors from working properly. To summarise, when planning your camera locations make light sources are one of the things you will think about! You also need to consider trees and hedges which will bounce (reflect) any infrared light back.

Similarly, if you are wanting number plates to be shown on cars at night – you will need an ANPR camera or a camera with a wide dynamic range to pick up number plates at night due to the reflective glare! 

How many cables are used per camera?

The only security cameras we supply are IP cameras. IP CCTV cameras run through one Ethernet cable per camera which powers the camera and sends the video back to the recorder (NVR) unit. This makes it easier to install, therefore all you need is the Ethernet cable, RJ45 connectors and a crimp tool. The tools and cables can be supplied if you haven’t got them. Armoured cable is another option for external ground use.

Max. length to run Ethernet cables?

The general maximum distance to run Ethernet cables is approx. 90-100m. POE (Power Over Ethernet) extenders can be purchased to use in-line which generally allow an additional run of approx. 80-100m – this is slightly more complex and we recommend discussing it with us first. If you need to go further than this, wireless bridges might be the solution but they make it slightly more complex to configure the CCTV security system.

Can I use remote viewing on my phone or tablet?

Generally yes, depending on the recorder and the internet broadband speed. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 1mb/s for 2 cameras streaming high quality footage. With remote viewing you can play back footage on your smartphone or tablet.

Follow the instruction guide on how to set up the recorder for remote viewing. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet and set it up. However, if you’d like us to set up the NVR (recorder) system for you, show you how to use it and put the remote viewing app on your phone. We offer an additional service to get you up once you’ve done the CCTV installation. Set up fee applies if you choose us to configure the CCTV system recorder.

What happens if a camera or recorder goes faulty?

The equipment we supply is backed by our distributors / manufacturers warranty. They are based in the UK therefore making it easier for us to deal with any problems. Contact us directly and if its still in warranty, we’ll replace or repair it for you. All products we supply will benefit from warranty – new CCTV equipment including the VIPER IP NVR (Recorder) and VIPER IP Cameras have up to 3 years warranty (from the time our distributor dispatches the products to Pine Marten Security) as per the T&Cs.

Does the GDPR affect CCTV use? Do I need to register?

GDPR is a Privacy Regulation which stipulates certain things about personal data (of which CCTV images are covered by).

Therefore, if you are a domestic user of CCTV then you do not have to register, we always advise putting signs up. If you are using it for commercial or business purposes (that includes farms too) then you will need compulsory signs telling people that CCTV is in operation and controlled by you. You must register on the data controllers register with the Information Commissioners Office and pay a yearly fee unless you already are registered. However, we cannot tell you if you need to register and its your own responsibility to comply – its best to contact the ICO for advice or head to the ICO’s website for more information.

Do I need electric and an internet connection?

The IP CCTV systems we supply require mains electricity, and ideally a fast internet connection if you want to be able to remote view the CCTV system on your smartphone app. 

CCTV Security For Rural Areas

Farm and Agricultural CCTV security cameras

Farms and agricultural businesses have vast areas and assets to try and protect. Using CCTV can help you secure your rural property or farm. Furthermore, CCTV can be used in agricultural sheds! CCTV for lambing and calving to let you view your sheds from the comfort of your sofa! Get in touch with us to discuss.

CCTV Systems and Installations for Tenbury Wells, Ludlow, Leominster & Bromyard

The IP CCTV systems enable future system upgrades with ease. By using Ethernet cables, the CCTV system can be upgraded without the need to rewire. Therefore, enabling you to future proof your CCTV system infrastructure. Get in touch with us to discuss.

DIY CCTV installations

Our bespoke CCTV packages are aimed at people who have DIY experience and are confident at doing the CCTV installation themselves. One Ethernet cable to each camera is all that’s needed to power the cameras and also to send video data back to the recorder. We can supply the external or armoured Ethernet cable depending on your needs. Get in touch with us to discuss.