Caravan and Trailer Security is a top priority for caravanners, farmers and equestrian. By using hitch locks, wheel clamps and security posts / hitch posts you can help take steps to prevent and deter theft.

We supply Bulldog Security Products which are made in the UK…

Bulldog AJ10 Alko Caravan Hitch Lock

Caravan and trailer hitch lock security

Providing a visible theft deterrent, caravan hitch locks and trailer hitch locks are just one way to help secure your caravan or trailer. The more locks, the better is our personal opinion.

The hitch lock you need will depend on what type of hitch you have on your caravan or trailer.

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Caravan and trailer wheel clamps

Wheel clamps are another visible method of security (best used alongside a hitch lock or use multiple wheel locks). We only supply the Bulldog range of wheel clamps which are British made.

The type of wheel clamp you need may vary. It depends upon; wheel widths and how much space you have between the arch and the wheel.

For the Bulldog Euroclamp wheel clamps (as shown) – we strongly recommend using wheel locking nuts/bolts as well (these are sold separately, available here).

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Bulldog GA70 Budget hitch post complete

Caravan and trailer hitch posts

Caravan or trailer hitch posts are used alongside a hitch lock (sold separately) to secure the hitch in place.

We also supply normal security posts (with no ball hitch) which can be used for driveways or in front, behind or to the side of caravans.

Supplying a range of Bulldog Budget Security Posts – these are made to order and you can pre-order/backorder via our website.

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