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Perimeter Alarm Installation & Intruder Alarm Systems

Pine Marten Security provides Perimeter Alarm Installation and Intruder Alarm Systems. Working with Farms, Rural Businesses and Properties across Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. Helping Farmers, Agricultural / Rural Businesses and Property Owners with Alarm Security Solutions.


Perimeter Alarm Installation & Systems

By using Perimeter Alarms (also known as Perimeter Intruder Detection Alarms) you can therefore be alerted at the earliest opportunity of intruders. Perimeter Alarms use different detection methods because every situation is different. Commonly, we use infrared beams for perimeter alarm systems. The alarm beams we supply and install use two or more beams. We recommend quad beams to help reduce false alarms.

Looking to protect boundaries? 

Entry / Exits? Gateways / Driveways?

Compounds / Farm Yards? Sheds / Buildings?

Caravan Parks / Storage areas?

To conclude, Perimeter Alarms are key to helping protect important access points. Such as entry/exits on farms, rural property drives or gateways. Perimeter Alarm Installation is suitable for caravan parks and storage areas, agricultural businesses such as contractors and many more. Looking for a Perimeter Alarm Installation in Worcestershire, Shropshire or Herefordshire? Please get in touch.

Intruder Alarm Installation and Systems

Our intruder alarm installation service is available across Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. Working with Agricultural and Rural Businesses, Farmers and Rural Property Owners. Rural communities need to increase their security solutions.

Intruder alarm installations are tailored to your needs

Every premises requires thought and attention to their particular security requirements. Therefore, agricultural businesses, farmers and rural property owners can protect key aspects of their premises. Using Alarm Systems, Perimeter Alarms and CCTV is the ultimate security solution. Allowing you or key staff to oversee premises safely. The intruder alarm installations are available wired or wireless depending on many factors – this will be discussed at the site survey.

Fitting alarm and perimeter alarm solutions across Tenbury Wells, Ludlow, Leominster, Bromyard. Covering Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. All intruder alarm installations start with a FREE site visit to assess your requirements. Contact us to arrange yours today!

Using Intruder Alarms and CCTV

Whilst CCTV is important in capturing footage for review or watching over areas – you probably won’t be watching it 24 hours a day. Meaning an additional system such as an alarm can work side by side, by alerting you.

Therefore, using both CCTV and Alarm Systems creates a fail safe in the event of a system failure because both systems work separately.

Bells Only or GSM Dialler Alarm Systems

We supply both Bells Only and / or a GSM Dialler option. The GSM Dialler uses a SIM card (either pay as you go or a contract SIM). It will call the numbers you authorise. GSM Diallers are an affordable option, when compared to some monitored solutions. Therefore, you only need to keep the SIM card topped up with credit to make sure that it can notify key holders. Finally, its our recommended way to be alerted. 

Why Use Alarms?

Extra Security

Alarms can be configured to suit your needs. Systems can be upgraded or expanded to suit. From perimeter sensors to interior PIR sensors or door/window sensors.

Cover Key Areas

Farms in particular have extensive entry/exit points. Perimeter alarm sensors can be set up to cover key areas. Other options are available.

Get Alerted

We use GSM Diallers which notifies you when the alarm is going off. These use a SIM card (either PAYG or contract). Please check your insurance requirements!

Perimeter Alarm Installation & Systems


Pine Marten Security supply the Alarm equipment based on your requirements. 

YOU do part of the install as outlined in the specification / proposal (e.g. ground works for cable laying).

Arrange a date after you carried out your part of the work.

We’ll install the alarm detectors, connect the wiring to the control panel and configure the alarm system.

Followed by handover, training and a basic manual.



Our Intruder Alarm Installation service is a complete solution. We will discuss the alarm equipment options and intended purpose. We put together a proposal for you. Once agreed we will arrange for work to begin on installing the alarm system. The length of time will depend on many factors.

Upon completion: we will give you training and a basic manual for system operation.

FAQ’s – Alarm Systems and Installation

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, infact our alarm packages are only available with some type of installation or configuration (we don’t sell DIY packages for alarm systems). To summarise, this gives our customers more options to consider because of the bespoke solutions we can supply and our experience using such systems ourselves. Got questions, get in touch to enquire.

What are perimeter alarm sensors used for?

One of the common areas of security concern are entry and exit points. However, you must also think about other access points (e.g. woodland) because intruders may not use the most obvious points of access. We will discuss this with you in more detail when carrying out a FREE site survey visit. Perimeter alarms are ideal for entry/exits, gateways, driveways and securing an area because of alerting you at the earliest opportunity to intruders.

We provide perimeter alarm installation – whereby we survey and assess your needs, followed by all ground works and installation. Just ask us for more details.

Do I have to have a bell (sounder) box?

We recommend using a bell box / sounder. However, sometimes birds can set off the perimeter alarm installations in rural locations. You can still have the bell box fitted and we can disconnect the sounder part if preferred. Therefore, acting as a visual deterrent. We also recommend some type of remote signalling – our personal favourite is using a GSM dialler that uses a SIM card. The SIM card can be contract or pay-as-you-go. Finally, the GSM dialler is essentially like a mobile phone. Therefore it will ring the configured key holders numbers to alert them of an alarm trigger. There are other methods to consider, however our approach is to use simple, effective solutions.

Do you supply armoured cables for underground use?

Yes. We supply armoured cables for external underground use. Armoured cable is particularly useful for where trenches need to be dug for perimeter alarm installations. Therefore, armoured cables are protected from the multitude of animals that may bite them.

Do you offer FREE survey / proposals?

Yes. All our alarm installation packages need to be installed by us in some form or another. We offer FREE visits to survey because we can discuss your needs and then draw up a proposal. Therefore, FREE visits are to areas we cover (including parts of Worcestershire, Shropshire & Herefordshire).

Do we need to regularly do basic maintenance of the alarm system?

Yes. For perimeter alarm sensors – we advise weekly cleaning of the sensor because of dirt and dust – clean with a damp, soft cloth (you can do this yourself).

Where possible, we prefer to use wired systems, however internal systems for houses may benefit from wireless alarms. Therefore, where wireless alarms are used, batteries will need changing at proactive intervals. We will discuss this with you as we can offer proactive alarm system maintenance packages.

We advise that alarms should be maintained (those not connected to moinitoring stations) every 12 months to ensure the alarm system is operating correctly, alarm wiring checked, any faulty parts are replaced and / or batteries changed.

Are you a member of any certification scheme / trade body?

Not at present – this does mean we cannot fit alarms to get a police response. We have gained our experience from doing installations on our family farm in Worcestershire. Training courses have also been undertaken to expand our knowledge and skills of new types of alarm systems.

However, we are aiming to become part of a certification scheme / trade body in the near future.

Alarm Security For Rural Areas

Farm and Agricultural Alarm Security Systems

Farms and agricultural businesses have vast areas to watch over. Using Alarms can increase security of your rural premises. Furthermore, it can be used in sheds and remote areas where there is power. Perimeter alarms help protect key areas of your farm. Therefore, giving you the earliest possibly warning of intruders. Specialising in rural and farm perimeter alarms security.
Get in touch about your farm alarm security requirements.

Perimeter Alarm Installations Tenbury Wells, Ludlow, Leominster & Bromyard

Professional alarm system installation services for rural businesses and properties. Wireless and wired alarm systems, depending on your requirements. Alarm installations in Tenbury Wells, Ludlow, Leominster and Bromyard. Covering Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.
Get in touch for a FREE no obligation quote.

The Installation Process

Enquire for a quote / site visit. We will then prepare a proposal based on your requirements.
Once accepted (or amended) we will arrange a time to start installing the alarm system. The install time will depend on many factors – ranging from a day to weeks.
Finally, we will handover the system by training you the basics and giving you a simplified manual, prepared by us.
Get in touch with us to discuss.